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Overview of Application Development

By Thomas Eklund

Other than the sales CRM article, I wrote this subsection's articles between 2002 and 2004. So, they correspond to the time when I developed some of the applications that are described in the Previous Work subsection. However, these articles still do reflect my views and that's why they are included here.

  • Computer Application Development Process - In most instances the actual computer application development process is either more agile or more iterative (or both) than this article indicates, and there are different methodologies for handling the relevant stages and steps. However, the basic principles outlined in this article are still useful.
  • Subject Matters and Workflow Role in Application Development - This article addresses usability engineering and database application table structure development related principles that I consider important. I have seen even experienced developers sometimes having trouble with implementing them correctly, especially from usability engineering aspect.
  • Website Layers of Qualities - Research that I did years ago on web design related topics provided inspiration for this article. At the same time I also explored opportunities for marketing certain art objects here in the US.
  • Page-Level Navigation Problems - This article addresses some usability engineering related principles. Years ago, a higher percentage of websites violated the principles that are addressed in this article. However, there are still plenty of websites and other types of computer applications out there that contain multi-directional user interface design which makes application navigation more difficult for the user than it has to be.
  • Increasing MS Access mdb File Operating Speed - I added a subsection to this article in 2014. The rest of the article I wrote in 2002, a long time ago, but it still contains some useful information.
  • CRM Sales Software Selecting and Customization Processes subsection addresses sales CRM software application selection and development related topics and presents SalesGetter CRM prototype as an example. The prototype contains sales process management and planning tools that enable to assess performance related aspects, to determine the accounts that each salesperson is or was working on, the results that were generated and aspects that can be improved. Application's functionality parts can be further customized as needed. Production environment application can be built using any relational database backed software.