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Overview of the Previous Work

By Thomas Eklund

In this part of the website are selected examples that represent my work from 2001 to 2006.

The Previous Work subsections contain descriptions of different computerized tools and previous work examples. Each Previous Work subsection contains also an Additional images and information link that provides additional images and information on the functionality area.

Next subsection, Achieve more with less effort, contains an overview of the user efficiency and productivity increase-related tools and topics. The rest of the examples shown in this section are presented from the functionality perspective.

The Previous Work subsections represent only a portion of my previous work experience.

What CRM Sales Software Is Right For You? and Sales CRM Example subsections describe the main emphasis of the work that I did in 2007.

Further, in 2008 I developed two applications for Covidien, (formerly Tyco Healthcare), large healthcare device and supply company, and three applications for Brown Brothers Harriman, one of the oldest and largest partnership banks in the United States. These applications are not represented here, but are described briefly in the Work History subsection. Similarly, my application development work from prior to 2001 is not represented here.