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Overview of CreativityModel Method Development Project

By Thomas Eklund

For number of years I have been interested in how creative thinking processes work and how computer usage affects these processes. I have not found any comprehensive theory or scientific study on this subject matter - probably because the creative thinking processes are difficult to observe, record and measure scientifically.

I am an experienced business analyst who over the years has documented some very complex information and workflows for computer application development purposes. So, I decided to document creative thinking skills usage in a similar manner, from the user's perspective, in order to gain more insight into how these processes work. For project specific rules I used US patent application filing guidelines.

The end result of this work is a creative thinking skills management method that addresses goal oriented business creativity and self-expressive artistic creativity usage, so that both types of creative thinking skills can be combined as necessary. I named it CreativityModel Method and made it available as an open source project through Creative Commons license.

CreativityModel Method is a creativity management method. This means that the method's user can learn to manage his or her goal oriented and self-expressive creative thinking skills.

This Method is scalable, can be developed further, and is also largely programmable. The limited amount of work that I have done in this area indicates that CreativityModel Method could be used for putting together intelligently behaving computer application functionality, that can be created with less resources than artificial intelligence engineering and expert systems require. Of course, much more work would be required to make any definitive conclusions in these areas.

I worked on the current version of CreativityModel Method primarily from early 2009 to mid-2011 as a self-funded project. However, my interest in creativity management goes back a long time.

In the immediate future I do not intend to work on further development of CreativityModel Method. Instead, I will continue considering creativity management my hobby, just like many other people have hobbies.