project planning development management tools

Project Planning, Development and Management Tools

By Thomas Eklund

A good database application does much more for the users than just stores data and makes available stored data. So, what can a database application do for you? A lot.

For example, database application can be used for planning, developing and managing any kind of project that requires problem solving, planning or creative development efforts. So, a project can be, for example, on-line shopping, business plan, IT project or any other kind of business-related or non-profit undertaking big or small, research project, travel itinerary, and so on. Such database tools help to analyze the project and provide suggestions for what steps to take to complete the project.

Next steps after planning are usually project management-related. So, the application could contain Project Management tools and a Contact Management System. Such tools are widely used and available as part of many software packages. However, when included within the customized application, they can be customized for a specific company or user group, just the way the users need and want. The resulting tools can also be closely integrated with the project's data. As a result, usage of these tools increases the probability that project is completed successfully, on time and within the budget.