market research tools

Market Research Tools

By Thomas Eklund

Market research applications featured here focus on identifying and working with the sample that matches the research criteria, so that the selected participants are contacted and the relevant records are updated based on the information received.

Of course, just like many other types of applications, most market research applications also need data entry tools, which are discussed in the Data Entry, Uploading and Filtering Tools section.

Some market research tools that involve sample identification from a larger data set share one important factor with marketing: in both areas people attempt to identify a set of prospects to contact, and then keep track of the results of the contacting process. So, several tools used in market research applications have similarities to some marketing tools discussed in the Marketing, Prospecting and Sales Tools section (and vice versa).

Some market research-related processes, like data uploading, selecting the sample from the data set, email bounce back handling, and suppression list handling involve application's handling data in a complex manner. Other market research-related processes involve updating individual records manually based on individual interviews or other types of target market contacting instances.