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Artistic and Entertaining Nuances: Brighten the Moments!

By Thomas Eklund

Database application usage is often associated with boredom. While we cannot change the nature of data entry, we can make the tools that are used intelligent enough so that guide the user through the data entry process and recognize when the user may be making a mistake, and helpful enough, so that the users can find and accomplish what's needed with minimum efforts. For example, colors can indicate which fields have been filled in and which ones still need to be filled in.

Further, we can brighten the design so that it is not dull-looking. If not more, then at least for a moment the selection of colors and fonts and usage of images can brighten the application user's screen.

If such moments occur again and again at different times during the database application's usage, they can make a difference for the people working with the application, especially when they are combined with other thoughtful, useful features.