resource scheduling

Resource Scheduling Tools

By Thomas Eklund

The tool displayed above (as the header image) is part of an application that assists the users with trainer and room selection in 5 different sites, taking into consideration number of different variables: length of the training, whether or not the training is trainer or manager lead or a communication session where handouts are used, trainer's availability and the number of trainers needed, trainer's area of expertise, when the training materials are available, site used, training group and classroom size compatibility, rooms' availability and re-scheduling options and room and necessary training systems compatibility (the need for the system used depends on the type of training provided). Many of the above variables are inter-dependent.

Some resource scheduling related tasks have certain features in common with marketing and market research - in both cases people using the computerized tools attempt to make optimum matches between criteria and the data sets. However, if the marketers and market researchers can select a relatively large pool of potential matches, in the case of resource scheduling each match must usually be much more specific and precise.

Marketing, Prospecting and Sales Tools subsection, Achieve More with Less Effort subsection and From Search Functionalities to Multi-Functional Report Centers subsection provide more information on tools that help to specify matches for the selected criteria set.

Resource scheduling applications need data entry tools as well. Data Entry, Uploading and Filtering Tools subsection discusses different data adding tools.