Cost effective IT projects management and database development services

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  • Can your company or organization build database and Web applications that are tailored to the users needs and wants and are good investments - by spending below the market rate? Yes it can!
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  • When you have to choose between optimizing for quality, cost or keeping the schedule, then what's your preference? Here's my answer.

Be More, Do More!

Present and Past

I offer services as database application and report developer, business analyst and IT project manager.

I combine years of hands-on experience from all the database application development fields with a strong interest in different business management areas.

My previous work experience includes development of financial services related, sales, marketing, events management, data processing, auditing, scheduling, forecasting, issue tracking and other business and research applications.

An unusual project that I worked on focused on creativity management and involved documenting creative thinking processes similarly to doing technical business analysis.