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Further Development of CreativityModel Method

By Thomas Eklund

I have worked on CreativityModel Method development self-expressively, pursuing my interest in creativity management. For me, this work has definitely paid off - I learned a lot about the relevant topics, and I learned to handle my own creativity management way better than I was able to do before.

CreativityModel Method could be used for business purposes - for example, for development of computerized creativity management exercises that can be done online with or without qualified trainer's assistance and produce measurable results. Such exercises should be entertaining and should also be clearly linked to productivity gains and employee job satisfaction. This way the company that is marketing and selling the exercises could work with large customer companies, using push-pull marketing strategy. The target market could contain companies from finance, healthcare are education industries, for example.

Using CreativityModel Method this way would be my preference. Other people may come up with better commercial or non-profit ideas for CreativityModel Method usage.

This Method is also to at least some degree programmable. Years ago I developed an initial, somewhat rudimentary, programmability focused counterpart for CreativityModel Method and named it CreativityModel Tool Development Method.

However, it seems to me that CreativityModel Method has to be validated first, before proceeding further with its usage.

Even more importantly, CreativityModel Method usage for either commercial or non-profit purposes should be a goal oriented process, where the goal should be production of products and services that actually serve the target markets needs and wants.

I'm not sure, if I want to pursue this avenue. So, at this point CreativityModel Method development is on hold. If I do happen to find people, who are well qualified and interested in CreativityModel Method further development, then together we can evaluate the relevant options and opportunities.